All you need is one thing - your hammer! Hammerize is a casual game that lets you compare against other players. Defend the world from zombies by hitting them with your hammer.
The more you can defend the world from zombies, the higher your score will get! But be precise, do not hit the hard ground - the hammer will get destroyed! The game speed will increase by time. So be quick, the zombies are getting faster and faster!

But wait, there are also flying skulls! They will fly to you to confuse you - so better be prepared for the skulls! There are also humans trying to escape from zombies and skulls. Let them escape - do not hit them!

You need a lot of skill, if you want to reach a high score and compare against other players! Get started now and hit some zombies in Hammerize!

Have fun in competition!

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Tags2D, defense, hammer, Horror, punch, Zombies

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